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How to transfer files to and from Amazon EC2 with scp


Transferring files through the terminal can be a real pain...

Software engineering: when it absolutely, positively has to be done right the first time


In my software engineering program, we talk a lot about missing critical projects...

Documentation can help in surprising ways


I had the funny experience today of benefitting myself from onboarding documentation I'd written years earlier...

Planning the flashcards section


I've begin planning to build a flashcards section here...

Moved blog from Pico to a Gulp static generator


Friday I built this blog in Pico, but then yesterday and today I rebuilt it using a static blog generator built by Anton Fisher that I found on Github...

Obligatory First Blog Post Titled "Hello World"


I once had a Computer Architecture professor who said if your first program in any programming language you're learning isn't the classic Hello World program, you're destined to have lots of bad luck forever in learning the language...