Fullstack Wolfpack

Blog about full stack programming skills


I’m Mark McDermott, a web developer in Austin, Texas and a software engineering grad student at Texas State University. I have seven years front end web development experience. I’ve worked professionally with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Sass, WordPress, MySQL, Git and Photoshop. In school I’ve studied C++, Python, Oracle and Bash. On my own, I’ve learned some Node, Mongo, Angular, Drupal, Django, Grunt and Bootstrap. I love hiking, running, electronic music and artichokes.

Here at Fullstack Wolfpack, I blog about my learnings in day to day programming work. I also write lessons and tutorials on computer science topics. A long-term goal of mine here is to present for free essentially the same information that is taught in an undergraduate computer science program. I hope to host study aid materials to assist in learning the coursework, such as online flash cards, practice problems with answers and video lessons.

This blog runs on Crackerjack CMS, a static, flat-file markdown to html blog generator, which I wrote. The actual code for this site also has a repo on my Github.